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Track your vehicle or asset for only €0.5 a day

This subscription is a self-monitoring subscription. You can track your vehicle or asset using our smart phone app or by login using a PC or tablet.

Your subscription will be activated when you have registered and prepaid for the first year’s subscription.

Login Details:

You will receive an email to the email address you have provided as a part of the registration process. In that email you will find your login details so you can login and monitor our tracker.

For further details on how to login and locate your asset please look up “How to login in to your tracking device” under FAQ

System Setup:

The system will notify you via email if your tracker loses external power supply. This is important to help you your tracker will continue to work.

The tracker has a build-in backup battery this battery can keep the tracker alive between 3-8 hours all depending on the circumstances the tracker is operating in. The system will notify you via email if the backup battery is running low.

IMPORTANT! It is your responsibility to check the tracker works at all times. The emails we generate for “loss of external power supply” and “backup battery running low” only serves to help you managing your tracker better.

We store historical data for 2 months. This means you cannot access data that are older than 2 months.

Subscription Cost:

The cost is €9.95 per month. To keep administration costs to a minimum you can only prepay the subscription for 12 months at the time (€119.40). You can only pay the subscription using a credit card (debit cards are not accepted).

All prices are inclusive VAT.


The system automatically deducts your credit card for the next year’s subscription 14 days before your existing subscription expires.

You will receive email notifications 30 days prior to the renewal date so you will be aware the money will be deducted from your credit card. An invoice will be issued when the subscription fee is deducted.

IMPORTANT!     -If Self Track cannot automatically deduct your credit card 14 days prior to your renewal date Self Track automatically closes down the service on the date of renewal.

To insure this does not happen it is your duty to insure:

  • Your credit card details are up to date on your Self Track account.
  • The credit card has sufficient credit


Cancellation of Subscription:

Should you no longer need our service, you must login to your Self Track account and un-tick the “Auto Renewal” box minimum 20 days before the renewal date of your tracker. This will insure your credit card will not be deducted.

Reactivation of a tracker:

Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . a reactivation fee of €35 will apply.

Full terms & Conditions apply. 

Duration: 3 days
Price: €0.62